Flirtationships / He’s Just Not That Into Me / Please Excuse My Winter Blahs.

I’m starting to get into the swing of things at my new job. Except I’m getting too into it, I’m staying til 7. There’s just a lot to do. I don’t know. I got home today and my puppy broke out of her crate, and pooped in the living room, and also decided to redecorate the house with trash that used to be in the trash can. Needless to say, NOT happy. 

And, totally silent on the end of the guy I was interested in. Which means I haven’t heard from him, really, since I saw him last. OK, not true, I texted him about something job related and he got back to me two days later, and that was last Wednesday (aka, a week ago). But, clearly I was low, low priority to get back to, and he has no discernable active interest in furthering our flirtationship.

Which does nothing really but prove a point, that he wasn’t that interested (OK, may be too soon to call that) ..or is only casually interested, which isn’t what I’m looking for. I mean, what’s he gonna do, message me this weekend to make plans? I just do not understand how a guy who is supposedly into you or interested in getting to know you doesn’t want to talk to you other than to make plans to see you.

But that’s just it, he’s probably not that into me, or wasn’t. And now I’m slipping into the, oh man, my life is just work and my pets and sleep and friends and family, and that’s it. And the scary thought that it might not ever change and just stay that way. That I could still be renting a shared apartment and living with pets when I’m 35. 

It’s also winter and that usually ends up making things slightly gloomier for me. Please excuse my blahs.

I just want my life to be exciting, or at least, I want to meet that special guy I have feelings for *who returns those feelings and knows what he wants*. Besides the guy I was crushing on, there were a few others, some I don’t even write about on the blog because I just don’t want to spend the time writing it out… 

I’ll tell ya, why does it seem that it’s the ones you don’t have an interest in who want you, and the ones who are only half interested in you, are the ones you want to get to know more? Or, why does that seem to happen to me and certain other girls, while, certain girls don’t even ever really encounter this? Maybe it’s just my current frame of reference. Cause I know I’ve “dated’ guys (if you can count two – 4 months as dating) who it was all hot and fiery on both sides with. It just never lasted. Sigh.