Stupid Wells Fargo Student Loan Lender Employees

Hola. So, I want to blow off some steam. This post is not about dating. It’s about a lovely little beast called student loans.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are researching student loans, do yourself a big favor and if you see the name Wells Fargo — RUN.

I sold my loan to someone else within the first month it went into repayment. And while this whole things is going through, Wells Fargo associates seriously screwed up not once, but twice.

First: I messed up on the first payment date, and so they were calling, and said if I paid by X day, everything would be fine. So, I schedule a payment. Tra-la-la, life is good. I have to take a screenshot of the loan being current so that my new lender will pay it off. So I do, and send it off. 

About a week later, I start getting calls from a number I don’t know, so I do what I always do and ignore it. And ignore it. And ignore it. And then my dad calls, flipping out. 

Apparently, my loan is now wayyyy past due.

Reason: Apparently Wells Fargo isn’t sophisticated enough to realize that may payment going in on the date it was going in on, would be veryyy close to the next due date. What super helpful but idiot guy told me was, to call mid-month with progress of my consolidation loan and go from there. 

Apparently not.

So, I negotiate with Wells Fargo Employee 2. He tells me, that given the payoff type and amount, it would be best if I scheduled a payment, which would be a “safeguard” against if, for any reason, the check was delayed. Even better, he said, the excess amount would get cut in a check right back to me. And, he agreed to not charge me the “late” fees because the whole reason this payment was “late” was the misinformation they gave me. 

Well, fast forward about a month, and I’m sitting here with a dangerously low bank balance, and decide to give Wells Fargo a call.

Paid in full! They said. Cool. So where’s my check?

“Oh, we sent it back to the loan company who paid the loan off.”


WHATTTT. I can’t pay my fucking car payment now, or my heat bill, or my credit card bill, because you guys have almost $800 worth of my money THAT YOU SAID WOULD COME BACK TO ME.

Can you cancel the check? Make a new one? 


-I’m sorry, but it’s our policy, I’m sorry he had it wrong, I wish there was something we can do. Maybe try calling your new lender?


I really don’t know what on earth I am going to do now. I get paid once a month, and certainly don’t “save” $800 a month, because my bills are so high.

I need a freaking miracle.