That Time He Met My Family…

OK readers without further adue, here’s what happened when he met the parents:

It was supposed to be a rainy day, but we lucked out and the sun came out! This was back on Mother’s Day. My dad, stepmom, sister, brother, half-brother, and my half-brother’s friend went with us to the Red Sox game. The plan was to get dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse afterwards, and the boyfriend would meet us there.

We had fun at the game, and then walked to the restaurant. The boy got a table for us, which was smart given that it was right after a 1 PM game, and — when we got there — he opened the door and held it for us. Since nobody had met him, my sister walked in first and said the cursory thanks, but barely acknowledged him, then I laughed and gave him a hug, and she was like Ooooh!! LOL.

So we all sat down to eat. He made great conversation with my dad and stepmom, and I could tell they both liked him. He got along well with my older brother too. My youngest brother and sister were at the other end of the table, so it’s a little hard to become besties when you have to talk past several other people.

Anyway food came, and he starts eating, then stops. Since you begin to know someone’s body language, I noticed that he was strangely still — and started watching him. Then, he got up, and excused himself abruptly.

He was gone for a longer than normal amount of time, so I started to get worried. But, I pretended like I didn’t notice and kept talking with the fam. He came back eventually, and — poor guy — explained that he got food stuck in his windpipe, or swallowed it wrong, or something like that. My brother had actually had the same issue a few months back and ended up having to go to the ER because a piece of lettuce got wedged in the soft walls of the esophagus! They had to use the mini camera scope thing to push it down into his stomach, poor guy!! Anyway, I guess it’s extremely uncomfortable, but he seemed OK and…I would have been MORTIFIED but he handled it like a pro.

Just rolled with the punches and kept on going, laughed at himself, etc. My family is pretty laid back so they felt bad and made him feel comfortable without that pitying vibe.

So about ten min passes and he gets up again, and this time about five min passes before my stepmom goes, OK, if he doesn’t come back soon, (brother’s name)–you’re going in after him.

A few mins later, we send my brother in to check up on him with some water — and he runs into the boyfriend walking back on the way. Apparently, whatever was stuck hadn’t completely dislodged itself, but THIS time he was OK.

The poor guy ended up missing half of dinner!  But instead of dying of embarrassment, like I surely would have, he handled it super well.

Sure enough, he got the stamp of approval from the parents, and then a few weeks later we hung out with them at our lake cottage — went paddleboarding, ocean kayaking (yes, on a lake), and just hung out on the mini beach we have. No food emergencies this time, but he did break out in strange rash on his chest — which faded later on.

So, that’s what happened when he me the fam! A slight disaster story, but one of those look-back-and-laugh memories. He still hasn’t met my mom, but he will soon enough.

I have so many more stories to fill you guys in on! Stay tuned for:

  • deployment
  • a wedding weekend / bike trip disaster
  • one of his best friend’s gfs being oddly touchy feely with him, and the fight it caused
  • making it facebook official
  • proof that guys talk about the talk, and even know it’s called, “the talk”
  • me and my commitmentphobia
  • the 3 month mark

I don’t just really like you anymore

So the person who commented on the last post was right, it was no big deal. It’s been a little since I blogged because things have been insanely busy.

I have a bridal shower this Friday night, my friend’s wedding which I’m in the end of the month, and another weekend like the week after that. Phew!  And, I didn’t have a plus one for either of them. Hahaha. 

I think it’s because 1) the couples are trying to limit the size of the wedding (and cost) and 2) I’m usually the flavor-of-the-week type girl. The not-really-a-boyfriend girl.

So it’s kind of sad, that I can’t bring my man, but – it feels better knowing I have someone to bring now, than just going alone. 

Last night we did round 2 of meet the family. Meaning, the other half of his family. Yep. LOL. He still hasn’t met mine.

So he tells me that it’s going to be his sister, her boyfriend, and his dad and him. OK, nbd. He didn’t mention it was his OTHER sister I hadn’t met yet, I had to figure that one out. 

He also didn’t mention one of his good friends would come (who I also haven’t met), and his friend’s gf, AND his other sibling I haven’t met. 

I’ve also been stressed about finances this month with all the gifts I have to buy, and just in general I’m still not used to getting paid once a month. It’s difficult. 

And I have deadlines at work coming up, and so work has been busy. It’s just a lot of little things.

Anyway back to the family thing. So, it was a little overwhelming, but I guess everyone really likes me (according to the boy, after). I was a little quiet though, so he was asking me what was wrong, and I kind of had no solid answer, other than there were a few things slightly bothering me. 

So one of the things I was kind of bummed about, was that I was a little jealous that he gets to do these big hang outs with family, since that’s something I never had. And he said, well now you are a part of it 🙂

…he also said, as we were kissing goodbye, so I dont just really like you anymore


..i really, really like you.

so I said “ooooh …TWO reallys?!”