Might have found a good fish

Gooood morning lovely readers! I write to you this morning from Boston Logan airport, because today we leave for San Diego for the weekend in order to celebrate one of my best friend’s bachelorette!!

I haven’t written in a while, and it’s mainly because I’ve been busy with the ore-wedding stuff this month (not mine, duh… Not yet 😉 ) and also doing the online dating thing. Which, I’m still amazed at what happens out there, but it’s so much easier to not take it personally when people haven’t actually met you yet.

So I’ve been seeing this guy for almost two weeks, not a long time but we see each other during the week and talk every day. This guy is unlike pretty much any other guy I’ve dated. He is older, 33, which everyone always said I should date older but I never met an older guy I was into.

He is very attractive, takes care of himself (ladies, I’m talking has abs and like, you can see the veins on top of his abs. I only know that cause he lifted up his shirt last night a bit so I stole a peek. And was like: :0. Gulp. Act normal. And then immediately thought that I need to lose 5-10 lol to match him.

He also just bought a condo, drives a Mercedes, comes from a good family, and is a good person inside. So I’m like, what do you like about me???? Hahaha. Jk. I’m awesome, duh. But seriously, he just seems like a fit. Like, we belong together, type deal.

..it’s funny he talked to me last night about how why I seemed pessimistic about things working out, because he asked me if my dad knew about him and I said not yet–and joked that I like to wait til it’s after 3 months since I want to be sure it’s going to last. Everyone else knows though, and he said I need to believe that it’s going to or it won’t work. Like, basically said (my name): your walls suck.

Which of course makes me want to believe even more. Oh and he is affectionate and young at heart, you would never know his age if you looked at him or knew about his life. But, he wants to settle down-no problem talking about “if you moved in with me” etc etc …and his whole family knows about me. Like, including his grandma. Lol. And he isn’t weird about it I think he just REALLY likes me.

So sex thing: since it’s online, it’s always tough to judge when to sleep with someone, because they could be lining up other dates and not think anything of it. So, I’ve managed to hold him off so far. Which means… 4 diff times we’ve gone on dates. Then last night was the first time we were in my room, and things heated up a little, but all clothing stayed on. I think we both know it’s not gonna stop if we go there. But, he has no problem waiting. So I think I’m going to try the whole, we need to be exclusive first thing. ??? But part of me thinks I don’t have to. We will see

…so by now you’re probably thinking ummm, who is this guy and what’s his flaw? My thoughts exactly. Idk. Maybe someone upstairs finally said, ok, enough’s enough. Let’s call in a winner.

Side note, he is taking care of one of my dogs for half of this weekend… 🙂 super bonus points!