Do you really need to take a vitamin????

Update this afternoon: I guess WordPress doesn’t like the blog host, Empower Network, even though Empower uses WordPress, and blocks it links. Talk about a hypocritical move! Anywho, I updated the links, so you should be able to “get through” and read the new post. 🙂

Hi people!

I have a lot to catch you up on, but in the meantime I started another blog. Why? Because one of my friends does it, has been doing it for a year, and basically instead of blogging on a free platform and just putting her words out there, she’s blogging on a platform that can generate income for you. I think I will keep all my dating stories here, though. I will write a lot more about nutrition and wellness and weightloss over there.

First blog post on the other blog: Do you really need to take a vitamin?

You’ll be surprised, I think, at the reasons why you do. This is hard science (well, the article I found is).

The intro paragraph from the article I found that I talk about on the blog:

 Many people ask why one needs to take vitamins or minerals in dosages exceeding the recommended daily allowances?  Among the reasons are depleted soil, low-nutrient crops, food processing and the use of pesticides and herbicides on our crops.  Others include stress, special circumstances like pregnancy, and that we use nutrients for therapy, not just to avoid deficiency diseases.  Let us discuss the topic of nutritional supplements in detail. -Source

Short post today, but I’ll catch you up on the lovelife very soon!!


Birthday weekend coming up and a Superfood

It’s my birthday this weekend. But with the drama of the Boston bombings and my mom, I really didn’t do a great job of planning!

So, after most people couldn’t make it, I ended up deciding to say stuff it and decided to suggest going to the man’s place for the weekend and make use of the hot tub and pool, and invite whoever else. There is a dinner Sunday night anyway a few people will go to.

Of course he agreed to it.

But then I felt like things were off yesterday. Like he seemed uncharacteristically untalkative. I’m wondering if he got told he is deploying? He said he wouldn’t tell me to ruin my birthday but… Idk.

So on another note, let’s talk about one of my little projects. I recently tried this stuff that has
96 nutrients, 42 antioxidants, 19 amino acids, and is heavily saturated with vitamin A, iron, etc. it’s actually really good, tastes like mildly sweetened green tea. And its being used in third world countries to help battle malnutrition because it grows in hot dry climates and really helps the body function extremely well.

The company I’m working with likes to sell it as weight loss, and sure enough many people are losing a lot of weight, but I think it’s more related to finally giving the body everything it needs so it can process at a higher function. It’s great for asthma and migraines, and there are a few stories I will post later of people who used it and noticed pain they’ve been experiencing for years disappear.

If you’re into health and nutrition and want to know more, or to try it and see if you like it before you go on the system, comment below. I really liking it so far. 🙂