False alarm

Sigh… Not again.

So, he dropped off my dog Saturday morning and I never heard from him again. I texted him Monday from the airport, and he was ice, but didn’t mention anything about seeing each other again. He texted me tues to see if I got in ok, again nice but no asking to see me, I called him at 8:30 no answer no call back no text back, left a message saying thanks again for taking care of Benji and just wanted to switch to phone so I could hear his voice since I hadn’t talked to him in a little while, and…like I said, nothing.

So. Freaking. Weird.

So I leave it for a day text him on thurs to tell him his glasses are at my house, he’s like oh I’ve been looking for those, but no talk of getting them or hanging out. Nice, but surface talk. He asked how my week has been and I eventually asked him if he got my voicemail, he said yeah and just been busy with work then said the next two months are the busiest.


I mean after telling his mom dad and grandma about me I think he should at least tell me what’s up. And the last time saying he wants me to believe this can work.

Maybe he met someone else while I was gone…? Idk.

In the meantime, this guy Sean came back from the past out of nowhere, and he is really excited to take me out. Not sure why. I’ll find out on Sunday. Here’s what I remember about him: super cute, great body (I hit on him at the gym, ha) and pretty aggressive about sex. So I kind of broke it off, and he said he missed my smile and I didn’t buy it.

But whatever maybe a highly sexually charged relationship is exactly what I need, since it doesn’t matter apparently if you try to abide by the 5th date rule (my friend and I are that up) or fucking any guy who wants to take you home, they STiLL don’t stick around.

My friend thinks this guy was maybe just about sex too but maybe was willing to try a little harder. So when he didn’t get it he bailed, and the taking care of my dog thing was a decoy to make me think he was a good guy and get laid before I went on vacation.

Legit tho no idea.

Well….on to the next one!!