I Asked Him Out (and I NEVER Do That!)

Yep, you read the title. I asked the current interest out. I never do that, I usually subscribe to the dating theory of let the guy do all the work initially, because guys are hunters and like the chase and all that jazz.

Plus, I hadn’t heard a peep out out of him since I turned him down for New Years (even tho he got back to me/asked last minute) and my friend said I probably wounded his ego even tho it was arrogant to think I might be free still, especially with the thanks, no can do, maybe next time response I gave.

She prompted me to ask him out so I did, via text. To clarify my last text I said, hey sorry I couldn’t meet up it was just too last minute on a big night, but I did want to see you, I got movie tix for Christmas, come out with me 🙂

And he responded its ok yes I’ll go out to the movies with you! And then suggested a movie, and we set a date for Saturday.

He did say his cousin will be in town but and he has to make sure he wont still be here and he will “get rid of him” for then.

And girls I had SO MUCH ANXIETY about it!! After, I mean. Like I started double thinking everything. Should I have even asked him? He doesn’t really talk to me between dates, except to set up the next one, he blew New Years, he called the last time we got together a 4 pm booty call… But now we are going to the movies, supposedly.

On the plus side he has always returned my texts (except for the one about New Years) in a decent amount of time, he can make dates with me ahead of time although he does do last minute too, he gives me plenty of compliments. And what have I done? Nothing, but show up. He probably doesn’t even think I’m that interested, except for when I make it dead pan obvious.

Ok, next time I see him I will compliment him on at least 2 things, and use two techniques I read about last night:

1) mirroring. This sounds creepy but apparently it works wonders. Basically if you’re across from them you mirror whatever body movements they are doing (the subtle ones). If you are next to them you do the same thing.

2) prolonged eye contact.

3) be appreciative whenever I can

4) don’t be bossy or future talk

And then asking for the next date is up to him. Depending on how it goes.

Sheesh! Who knew dating required all this thought. Too much thinking, not enough doing. I think I will also accept the date another guy asked me on to try to get more balanced.

Ok he is not my boyfriend we are just dating, but assuming the movies happens,