Match brings a Match?

Well, I can’t be sure yet but it seems the universe paid attention to my post, cause the Friday of that week I went out to meet this guy from Match. Anyway, I actually had a blast, even tho it was a last minute date, and not even since he had a few friends over. We had plans for Sunday but then I wasn’t doing anything so he kind of invited me and I decided to go for it- feeling restless and needed something to do. Even though he was what I thought was a hour away but was more like an hour and a half. Yah.

But, he turns out to be very boyishly charming, eyes that are always laughing at you cute, if a little short. Now, I do usually end up dating short guys but I’m 5’4″, and I guess they guys I date who are shorter tend to be lifters or have some meat on them to give them a huskier look. But he’s just little haha. Not skinny, but slim. He plays hockey though and works out so has some muscle going on.

I guess it just makes me feel..bigger? And I’m not big. Lol.

Ok, so he’s super chivalrous opening doors and he makes me a sandwich when I get there cause I haven’t eaten yet, even though i protested at first. It was a fun night just out bar hopping, I didn’t want a real date anyway so that wasn’t the intention (that comes Sunday).

We get along really well, same type of bantering humor, and end up in bed together but get this…he stops things. “I can’t believe I’m saying this but we should stop now. But for all the right reasons..”

It was tough for him to do that though so I admire his will power. (meanwhile I’m like, but we are both consulting adults…ok stop being slutty self) lol

Anyways before I leave he makes me breakfast…fresh pressed coffee, scrambled eggs, homemade hash browned potatoes, maple bacon, complete with strawberry garnish.

Yep, you read that right. And orange juice. Oh and he has the consideration thing down too, type of guy who puts water next to where you’re sleeping for you.

So, we end up getting together that Sunday and take our dogs to the park (he has the cutest German shep puppy ever…which also says a lot to me, since he was willing to take on the responsibility) and had a great time again.

Then the week came and we didn’t see each other til last night, which was kind of a reality check, I.e. would this be a weekend only thing? And how would that work? But then at dinner last night he goes, so I was thinking we can meet up in the middle during the week for dinner if you felt like it. And so he solves the problem I’m seeing without even me mentioning it.

And he is moving back this way relatively soon, as in May. So?

Idk. I do really like him. Last night he stayed over but had to leave really early since he has coast guard drills this weekend. Next weekend he has a hockey tournament he invited me too.

But so things um didn’t go there last night because it was already past midnight when we went to bed and I didn’t wanna steal all his sleep (when I stayed over we stayed up til 4:30) so we just made out a ton and he was very touchy feely. Which im a tad confused about because I’m used to guys pressing the issue fast. What do you guys think?

Also what do you guys think on the height thing? I feel like I could get past it, but I guess I always pictured myself with someone who was more beefcake lol. But they say you should go outside your type, and clearly that type hasn’t been working for me (since I have this blog).

Anyways promise here…. Regardless . 🙂