You either value me, or you’re out.

Gahh. Still no more communication from Sky :/ . Ha. It’s hard, the first few days, but I am pushing forward. I mean honestly, who wants to spend their time chatting to/send nudey pics and videos to a guy who puts in ZERO effort? No. I’m worth so much more. You either value me, or you’re out.

Doesn’t mean I don’t miss him, though. I wish I didn’t. I don’t even know why I do, he was being kind of a jerk the last few days. Or not even kind of. He was just plain old, being a jerk.

And a thought occurred to me, that it must not be the same for him — feelings wise. Or, he’d want to talk. So, here goes ..letting it go. Again. Although this time, I am not going to reach out. If he’s not going to put any effort it, or even really signal that he wants this, then… I am only leading myself on by talking to him.

On the same token, I’ve re-downloaded Tinder and am talking to some people. I am going to force myself to get back out there, and be treated nicely. Just cause a guy “slips” and says we have our whole lives to figure something out, doesn’t mean he’s acting on it right now, which means…why does it matter? He clearly thinks/knows/believes we will be in each other’s lives for a while, so – if that’s the case – he can show me he wants me in his life. I feel as if I’ve already done that.

I didn’t go out with my Trophy Husband as I was upset about Sky, and annoyed at the whole situation. Plus, Trophy Husband didn’t “let me know” about Saturday like he said he would — instead what I got was, “So what are you thinking for tomorrow?” (on sat, about Sunday) so I told him I made plans to work since I didn’t hear from him, but there’s always this weekend – to which he said, oh no big deal was just looking forward to seeing you/I thought we had plans.

Welp. I guess let’s see how long he lets it go for — but I have to not care. Not count. Even though I most certainly will count… it’s just that, maybe it’s better for us to not talk — or at least, better for me, since he doesn’t seem to want to even try to move it forward, we can’t spend time together, and all us talking is doing is keeping me attached.

Funny thing is, things have been happening exactly the way Skarlet said. First, she said I would message him – and I did. Then, she said it would be more friendly and maybe not talking every day but every few days here and there. Last call, she said it’s best to do it this way since that’s what lets him move forward – being friendly, flirty, with Freudian slips — and then she said, we’d chat for 2-3 weeks and then he’d back off for 5 days when he realizes it’s getting too close, and — we chatted for three weeks and now he’s backed off. So, I suppose it might be 5 days, but who knows? She doesn’t do timing. But she did say 100% guaranteed he will always be back. So, I guess I just have to wait for that?? Or not wait. But see it happen?


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