finally – the miss you too text!

I had an appt with my therapist today Ā — gotta tell you, if you find the right one they are SO helpful. Advice is way more on point than friends and it just helps you feel so much better. I caught her up on my life, and specifically with Sky, and she encouraged me to act out of love instead of fear, and tell him how I feel – short message – hey, thinking of you, miss you

So that’s what I sent. and I FINALLY got a sign of light at the end of this weird tunnel – finally he wrote miss you too (and more about how he’s busy today). So then I sent him another message about how I’m excited to see him soon, a little nervous since it’s been so long but excited. (that was my therapist’s initial advice).

I feel like half the weight was just lifted from my shoulders ::bliss::

Lesson? Sometimes you have to put your own emotions aside – especially if they are stopping you from taking action – and decide to act out of love despite your personal feelings and despite fear.

And relationships are give and take, but sometimes one person does a lot more of the giving and sometimes the other person does.

Credit for those thoughts mainly goes to my rockin therapist šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “finally – the miss you too text!

  1. Nat says:

    Hey there

    I found your blog a few days ago, the rubberbanding post. I wish I’d found it a week earlier tho. Oh the grief it could have saved me ha ha. He has pinged back on his own accord, which is great, we will just tread easy from here on I think.
    I’m in a similar position and early 30s too. Some great advice in there, pleased to hear you got that txt today too. šŸ˜… yaah.

    • gettingtotheotherside says:

      šŸ™‚ Thanks. And I’m glad you find that post helpful, even if you found it later than you would have liked! Glad your man pinged back~Keep me posted on how things develop! But yes, best to let him take the lead for the most part.

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