Super late update

It’s been a while since I posted, and that’s mainly because as I said in my last post, I moved! And also, I decided to sign back up on and use my new town as my location, thinking that maybe men in this area would be different.

That was four months ago now, and the very first guy I saw on the site is my boyfriend. We basically knew from the start that we were going to be together. We even both got carried away and started talking about babies and marriage and all of it, like, yesterday.

But then we got to know each other a bit more and..the fighting started. I mean, super stressful, he raises his voice at me, fights. To the point where I seriously questioned the relationship. We talked some things out, made some adjustments here and there, and my therapist has been invaluable while I navigate these waters — dating I could do with my eyes closed, but relationships are a whole other ball game…!

THEN, I decided to get implants! Yep, boobs. And, best thing I ever bought. I also adopted a new cat, and am now volunteering at a local humane society as a foster parent and photographer.

The boyfriend was amazing during and after surgery — he took a few days off to be around for me. Catering to my every whim, haha. And the first thing I remember thinking when I woke up from surgery was, where is he? I need to tell him I love him.

The funny thing about our fights is, he’ll argue with me tooth and nail about something, and then a few days later have reconsidered and randomly say something that shows he listened and is trying to do things differently. So I’m kind of like, is all the stress necessary? But he’s a fiery person. He’s a sagittarius if anyone has any insight to that! And I’m a taurus, so that’s not supposed to necessarily go well.

Anyway, so that means this blog will be taking a turn, since now it will start to be more about navigating relationships and the stresses that come with that. As my therapist pointed out, relationships can be stressful, and I was used to dating stress–it’s just a different kind of stress. LOL 😀