So I’d like to be in love again. I’ve dated guys, but I haven’t fallen in love in years. At least where it’s been returned, and the guy didn’t decided to take a job in Texas at about the same time we were taking off, and so on and so forth. 

It seems like everyone around me is coupled up. So, it’s like I made the decision that I was ready to try again, and now — I signed up for eHarmony, and — talking to a few people, nobody I’m excited about, there is one potential who, I’m not really sure if he’s attractive or not — he only had two pics up, and no facebook for all that I can tell. He mentioned getting drinks this week, but I’m not sure if that will happen.

Also, I get emails daily (so far) by people that I look at and think, …ok, not to be mean, but if you saw me in a bar would you EVER think you had a chance with me?  –that just gave me an idea to (join?) — so far the reviews online seem scammy, but we’ll see what happens. So far I’m being voted “in” — basically other members vote on you for 48 hours and if you get more green than red you get to join the site. Oh man. This is funny. … once you sign up there is a running tally of people who vote you “beautiful” and “hmmmm okay” and “no” and “absolutely not” — LOL. Gosh, if I don’t make it that will be funny (I modeled, and as you guys know get a good share of dates) — anyway back to eharmony–

it’s slow as f-k. 

Match was so much faster!! As far as emails, etc. But, I’m not doing match, so whatever. hehe. 

And, I will let you know (IF I get in) how many “beautiful people” there are in my area … to be continued.





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