Name calling and Text Fighting: Is it ever OK?

So last night, my boyfriend calls me at like 11:30, which is past my bedtime. Granted he first tried to call at like 7, but my phone was on silent, and I called him back when I saw, at 10. We talk about the hockey game briefly and then he asks what I did after work, and I tell him I made a video. He asks me what it’s about. I think, realize there’s no easy way to explain it, and say, well it’s a video you could always watch it — which he got really, really mad at. He goes, OK, you won’t tell me. And I’m like, well I already explained it IN the video, I don’t really want to explain it all over again, when you can just watch it later, and he’s like OK. I’m not going to. So I say, OK. So then he goes, sorry for taking an interest. And then I’m like, OK? I just really didn’t want to get into the story of how released a survey that Yahoo news wrote about and interviewed this author who commented on it, and in the video summary he said a few things, and so on and so forth, to THEN get into the video.

At least not at 11:30 at night. So he goes, OK clearly you’re tired, and I was like yeah I’m exhausted, so then he’s like, OK so I’ll talk to you tomorrow, so I say OK and we hang up.

Then he texts me. Something about remind me not to call you after 10:30, so clearly passive aggressive, and I didn’t want to respond cause there’s no way to respond to that that ends up well, so I wait a while then just say “k” –maybe not the best response, but I’m exhausted already and knew that wasn’t going anywhere pleasant. Figured it was better than not responding. Should have just not responded.

So then he goes off on me, telling me I’m a child and that I’m so rude and that he would never respond to me the way I did to him and it really got under his skin and was like a slap in the face and all the rest of it, and I’m trying NOT to take the bait, cause I’m like WHERE is this coming from?? So I’m trying to calmly explain things and talk even though I’m SO tired and say how I don’t think it’s worth getting in a tizzy over

…but then he goes you have zero tact, and how he probably treats me better than anyone in my life and doesn’t deserve the rudeness of my response to go watch the video.

In my sleepy mind, it’s logical to watch something that’s recorded if you want to know what it’s about. IDK, apparently it was the way I said it. But after resisting the text fight a few times, I finally blew up after the last two comments on having zero tact and him being like on a pedestal compared to everyone else in my life. Like seriously?

So it’s 12:30 by now so I said, well since I’m a child it’s wayyy past my bedtime, so I’m going to take my zero tact rude self and go to sleep.

So then he calms down a bit (you can tell) and is saying it’s not what I was saying but how rude I was when I said it, blah blah blah, like seriously what do you want me to say at 12:30 at night, and I’m SORRY I didn’t want to talk about what I talked about already in the video!!!! But also, don’t freaking call my names. That pissed me off.

So I remind him, when I’m tired and stressed, I don’t start firing away and calling you names, and he says, you brought this on yourself.

Yeah. It’s a CHOICE to call someone names when you’re upset, and it’s NOT something that I do, because it’s hurtful and doesn’t accomplish anything besides, well, hurting the other person and taking you farther away from a happy place.

So, I don’t think it’s EVER ok to call people names during a fight or when you’re upset. I’m kind of throwing my hands up at this point, because once someone calls me names I’m like, oh, so that’s what you really think. OK. Well, you probably shouldn’t be dating someone who you think is a child and has zero tact right, you should probably date someone you like, and even if they’re like oh I was mad I didn’t mean it, you’re like, ok, but you thought it enough to say it.

And text fighting is dumb to begin with, since things are read out of context and you probably say things you wouldn’t say on the phone.


How to Make Money Working from Home.. with your BLOG!

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404609_657183437631054_1937151406_nBut I’m not selling anything, I don’t want to start a company you say — that’s OK. You can still leverage the traffic your current blog gets to make a profit. If you know how. And if you don’t, then you’re just leaving money on the table. And who wants to do that???

I wrote about two ways anyone can make money working from home at my other blog, so to learn more about making money working from home, or with your blog, read my article here. Hint: If you already have a blog with traffic, I’d definitely check out Empower Network — yes they offer their own  blog, but the training behind that and monetizing internet traffic is where your gold mine would be. 🙂

That Time He Met My Family…

OK readers without further adue, here’s what happened when he met the parents:

It was supposed to be a rainy day, but we lucked out and the sun came out! This was back on Mother’s Day. My dad, stepmom, sister, brother, half-brother, and my half-brother’s friend went with us to the Red Sox game. The plan was to get dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse afterwards, and the boyfriend would meet us there.

We had fun at the game, and then walked to the restaurant. The boy got a table for us, which was smart given that it was right after a 1 PM game, and — when we got there — he opened the door and held it for us. Since nobody had met him, my sister walked in first and said the cursory thanks, but barely acknowledged him, then I laughed and gave him a hug, and she was like Ooooh!! LOL.

So we all sat down to eat. He made great conversation with my dad and stepmom, and I could tell they both liked him. He got along well with my older brother too. My youngest brother and sister were at the other end of the table, so it’s a little hard to become besties when you have to talk past several other people.

Anyway food came, and he starts eating, then stops. Since you begin to know someone’s body language, I noticed that he was strangely still — and started watching him. Then, he got up, and excused himself abruptly.

He was gone for a longer than normal amount of time, so I started to get worried. But, I pretended like I didn’t notice and kept talking with the fam. He came back eventually, and — poor guy — explained that he got food stuck in his windpipe, or swallowed it wrong, or something like that. My brother had actually had the same issue a few months back and ended up having to go to the ER because a piece of lettuce got wedged in the soft walls of the esophagus! They had to use the mini camera scope thing to push it down into his stomach, poor guy!! Anyway, I guess it’s extremely uncomfortable, but he seemed OK and…I would have been MORTIFIED but he handled it like a pro.

Just rolled with the punches and kept on going, laughed at himself, etc. My family is pretty laid back so they felt bad and made him feel comfortable without that pitying vibe.

So about ten min passes and he gets up again, and this time about five min passes before my stepmom goes, OK, if he doesn’t come back soon, (brother’s name)–you’re going in after him.

A few mins later, we send my brother in to check up on him with some water — and he runs into the boyfriend walking back on the way. Apparently, whatever was stuck hadn’t completely dislodged itself, but THIS time he was OK.

The poor guy ended up missing half of dinner!  But instead of dying of embarrassment, like I surely would have, he handled it super well.

Sure enough, he got the stamp of approval from the parents, and then a few weeks later we hung out with them at our lake cottage — went paddleboarding, ocean kayaking (yes, on a lake), and just hung out on the mini beach we have. No food emergencies this time, but he did break out in strange rash on his chest — which faded later on.

So, that’s what happened when he me the fam! A slight disaster story, but one of those look-back-and-laugh memories. He still hasn’t met my mom, but he will soon enough.

I have so many more stories to fill you guys in on! Stay tuned for:

  • deployment
  • a wedding weekend / bike trip disaster
  • one of his best friend’s gfs being oddly touchy feely with him, and the fight it caused
  • making it facebook official
  • proof that guys talk about the talk, and even know it’s called, “the talk”
  • me and my commitmentphobia
  • the 3 month mark

Do you really need to take a vitamin????

Update this afternoon: I guess WordPress doesn’t like the blog host, Empower Network, even though Empower uses WordPress, and blocks it links. Talk about a hypocritical move! Anywho, I updated the links, so you should be able to “get through” and read the new post. 🙂

Hi people!

I have a lot to catch you up on, but in the meantime I started another blog. Why? Because one of my friends does it, has been doing it for a year, and basically instead of blogging on a free platform and just putting her words out there, she’s blogging on a platform that can generate income for you. I think I will keep all my dating stories here, though. I will write a lot more about nutrition and wellness and weightloss over there.

First blog post on the other blog: Do you really need to take a vitamin?

You’ll be surprised, I think, at the reasons why you do. This is hard science (well, the article I found is).

The intro paragraph from the article I found that I talk about on the blog:

 Many people ask why one needs to take vitamins or minerals in dosages exceeding the recommended daily allowances?  Among the reasons are depleted soil, low-nutrient crops, food processing and the use of pesticides and herbicides on our crops.  Others include stress, special circumstances like pregnancy, and that we use nutrients for therapy, not just to avoid deficiency diseases.  Let us discuss the topic of nutritional supplements in detail. -Source

Short post today, but I’ll catch you up on the lovelife very soon!!

So it turns out that sometimes all a girl might need to stop feeling overwhelmed is a relaxing weekend all to herself. Actually my therapist suggested it. She was like girl you need to get to the point where youre bored. And it’s true. I’ve had so much going on, and then in my free time I had been going to see the boy, that I was feeling like I was never on a break.

The good thing is, after taking this weekend to myself instead of seeing the boy…surprisingly he was understanding, I want to see him again. 🙂

Anywho that’s all, just an update so y’all know what’s goin on.