Date two and a huge red flag.

Hullo lovely readers..

So, date two last night. To catch you up, he wanted to hang out Friday and saturday night, but I said no to Friday since it was too soon, and Saturday I had plans with my friends. Saturday he wanted to do dinner at a really nice restaurant and get a hotel. A hotel. Yeah. Um, little fast/pressure…

So I go over last night and, it seemed innocent enough at first and then he is trying to get me into his room…and eventually we do hook up, but no sex. He wanted to of course. And then he starts talking about how he is going to get up early and asks me what I’m doing, and it’s like 1230 at this point… So I’m kind of not talking much and then say I’m thinking, are you kicking me out? But in a different way, so he says I knew you were going to think that and I can stay over if I want to but he’s worried it’s a little aggressive to be sleeping over already but it’s up to me…

Obviously I passed, and then he said so now it seems like this was just to hook up and go but it wasn’t that just that things ran late timing wise. So he suggested we watch tv which sounded good but then…

I said something about him being a lot less guarded than I am and he said well I am but in a different way, I find reasons not to be with people

OH. Like, really? I’ll leave now. But I joked and said and how is that working out for you and he said well I’m single so haven’t worked it out yet…

But at that point I was like, okay….. And then things got weird

Like I didn’t wanna be there. And he thought I was mad at him for something, he asked right before I left… I said no and kissed him a bunch.

But truth be told he scared me.. Like cool so I can get to know you and you can disappear? Just like everyone else? #abandonmentissues

He texted me after I left to say drive safe.

Confused now. Slash kind of feel used. Slash but he said it wasn’t like that. But it feels like it. :/


First super exciting date date number two… Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Okay, so it’s too soon to tell, but I’m in serious like. First, I find him incredibly attractive. I think most females would. Muscles, million dollar smile, strong jaw line, deep set brown eyes. 6’2″.

And, we have the same background in tough things we have dealt with. Instant connection there. He seems to be pretty into me, texting all day, …invited me back to his place and I went, but I did not hook up with him at all. So difficult because it was like walking away from a gorgeous sexy man who is all bedroom eyes and lazy smile.

Anyway… We will see. God knows how long I can hold out with this hunk of gorgeous man meat. But at least three dates. Ughhh I don’t knowww!!!

So I do have another date scheduled for Sunday but now I don’t even want to go.


The Bachelor, and I’m back in the Trenches

Ok, so I’ve been quiet for a bit, but it’s because I’ve been under deadline at my new job (woo hoo, new job) and… in the trenches! Yep, I’ve been “dating” up a storm. I signed back on to Honestly, I really wish I could just meet my guy the traditional way, but it’s not panning out so far, so I guess I will resign myself to the Internet and hope he finds me that way.

Before I get into that, I want to talk about the Bachelor. Specifically, Tierra on the Bachelor.

She went home on the most recent episode, and she was crying in the car about how she hopes the other girls are happy and so on. Now, to be told, I was not totally sold she was as bad as the girls made her out  to be – I mean, dating is hard enough. If you really like someone, and you know all these other beautiful, smart women are after him too, how do you NOT go crazy? I’m not calling her crazy. I honestly don’t really think she is. I just think she did happen to run into a lot of drama, and maybe it wasn’t mean to be for her and the Bachelor. Did she create it? I don’t know, I don’t think anyone deserves that much credit.

Granted, every other woman made the best of the situation and tried to bond with the other females in the house in whatever manner. Personally I would be weirded out by the whole thing. Us women get mad enough when there is ONE other woman, let along a whole houseful!

Anyway, on to my dating life. Yep, back on it. Went out with a guy on Sunday who seemed so promising offline..but there was something weird about it, because he had no apprehension about staying up til 3 am talking on chat the first day we talked… I did it because I was dealing with some SUPER psycho guy who, just became GM of the trainers at the gym I went to, long story short I agreed to be friends, he didn’t REALLY want to be friends and was unstable…so two weeks in it got crazyyyy…

I’m talking 14 emails one day, I didn’t count how many the next, about how great I am and then how I’m going to burn in hell for being selfish and uncaring, and every email kept saying “this is the last email you’ll get. Lose my number” and so on.

Anyway back to Sunday date guy. No chemistry in person. He was giving me dopey eyes the whole time and I was just like, be normal – you can’t be this in love in one date. So, wasn’t feeling it. Plus he pushed us meeting, I was still sick from a cold and kept trying to push back but he wanted to hang out on a Sunday afternoon… and he had his friend drop him at my place… because he supposedly couldn’t get his car out? IDK. Anyways.

He also tried to get me to kiss him, which when I’m still coughing up a lung, is just unsanitary.

So, I’m emailing with a few guys right now, we will see… I just wanna meet that guy you know? But I think I’m getting close. I can feel it.