An update & a new prospect

Well it’s been about a month – wait two – since I blogged last. I guess I’ll update you on what I last wrote about quickly:

-Ex’s best friend ended up being a wam bam thank you ma’am. & I’m officially an idiot, and he is officially an asshole – you don’t do that to your FRIEND.  Which means he never saw me as a friend anyway. He’s a jerk.

-Guy I’d been crushing on since the summer ended up talking to me a bunch around Thanksgiving so I invited him to a concert that headlined one of his fave artists….annnd I haven’t heard from him since. We didn’t hook up though when he was there. But still. Prick.

-Guy from Match that I liked a lot … never asked me out again and became a fan of my FB page, liking things and “thumbs-upping” them, but that’s it, so I was like…wtf.

-Finals came and went, and I ended up with An A, an A-, and 3 B’s. Good stuff.

Annnd to update you on the trip to the other side, this new guy from Match emailed me a week or so before his account ran out – and we’ve been dating ever since. It’s not official yet, but we’ve only been seeing each other for 2-3 weeks. He is an MMA fighter and an electrician, although right now he is laid off . He is very sweet to me, holds me all night while we sleep for the most part, loves my dog as much as I do, will open the passenger door to his giant truck for me… he’ s just thoughtful and considerate. He actually calls on the phone, although we do text. Which I love – that he calls. Hmm, as of now that’s about as much as I know about things that are important to me, but he’s also fiercely loyal and protective. Family is very, very important to him. Lots of plusses. 🙂

As far as the sex, although I really really REALLY wanted to at certain points, I held him off for a bit – and he told me we could wait as long as I wanted cause, as much as he also wanted to, it wasn’t important to him. Maybe it was a line, but a short while later I decided I wasn’t being true to myself and we did sleep together. that same night he opened up completely to me, and told me things about his life that he has told very few if any people before, among other things. We got really close that night. And then he ended it all by saying even though it’s too soon to tell if we will be bf/gf and serious like that, he felt close to me.

Then the next day I sent him a text saying what an amazing night it was and he responded by saying he’s glad I feel that way but take it sloowww and that he has gotten scared away by girls who were too into it before. Like, what? So we got in a text fight, and he ended up apologizing.

Then, this past Saturday night, he was at a fundraiser for the place he fights for which was about an hour south of the city, and I went to a friend’s party about 45 minutes north of the city. And I guess he decided he wanted to be with me after the fundraiser, (I was working a promo earlier that night), but I didn’t wanna sit at home waiting so went to that party – and he ended up coming ALL the way there, just to chill for a few minutes and then fall asleep with me.  And, it was moving too fast before? LOL 😉

My concern about him is, I want to make sure he does take his electrician license test and move forward with the career… granted I’ll give him time, but I wanna make sure he’s the type of guy who is motivated in that way. But, so far, I really really like him, and it just feels right being with him.

Oh, and I deleted Facebook mainly to get away from people who aren’t my real friends and feeling jealous about other people’s lives and where they’re at and just focus on mine. Some people assumed it was that I deleted them, others knew I wouldn’t and just asked me about it.